Workshops, Seminars, In-House Training, Keynotes

Often referred to as the Guru of content management, Bob Boiko, is a speaker you must see. With over 100 public appearances spanning more than 15 years, and four years of teaching at the graduate level, Bob has established himself as a top notch instructor and mentor for technologists, managers and leaders alike.

Taming the Content Beast: Content Strategy and Modeling for IT Professionals

"It has been a very informative two-days for someone who is new to content management."~Ascendas Pte Ltd.

This information packed and highly interactive seminar takes you step-by-step through a proven system to solve the content management issues you've been grappling with. In day one you learn the "Business Smarts" required for a successful CM project and in day 2 you learn the "Nuts and Bolts" of content modeling, the key to a successful system. More ...

Custom Courses, Workshops and Facilitated Work Sessions

Bob has helped hundreds of project teams, leadership boards and all sorts of other groups learn and perform. Here just a few examples from the many custom sessions Bob has hosted:

  • Stakeholder education where the key players are prepared for their role.
  • Team kickoff and planning where a project team learns while they map out a project strategy.
  • Targeted learning sessions where professionals, managers, or leaders drill into a subject of intense interest or need.
  • Facilitated decision making, where a group that needs to agree finds common ground.

For these or any other type of guided session in information management, get in touch. We will design a session that is just right for your group and issues.

Build a great strategy and content model in this highly focused, information packed, and thoroughly interactive 2-day intensive workshop. More...

We can help you round up sponsors and negotiate your way to a happily agreeing organization and a successful project. More...