Project Business Justification

Metatorial Services can help you get your project off to the right start, or put a sideways project back on track.

A typical content management project begins with wide agreement that there is a problem, too much information to manage informally. There is tacit approval from organizational decision makers that some solution must be found, and there are the beginnings of a content management project team. On the other hand, the project begins with little or no understanding (let alone agreement) about what the solution will be, what parts of the organization will be affected, how long the project will take, or how much it will cost. Without compelling answers to these and many other questions, the project can flounder from the start.

Project plans evolve along with the projects they plan.

Metatorial Services can help you work outward from your team to both your organizational sponsors and to your audiences to drive toward consensus on a workable project.

Among the many project process we are experienced with, are the following ones that are crucial for lining up organizational support.

  • Readiness assessments assure you have the background and authority to approach sponsors (as I discuss in Content Management Bible )
  • Sponsor profiling assures that you can secure the organizational imprimatur necessary to make your project successful —or even possible. Learn about the sponsors to best know how to approach them, how they relate to your CMS initiative, and how it will serve their aims.
  • A mandate process brings the project sponsors together in a series of meetings and other interaction so they can form a consensus on:
    • What organizational goals your system can support.
    • A project statement that you can use to guide the rest of the endeavor.
    • What audience, content, technology, and publication assumptions you should start from.
    • How the success of your initiative will be measured.

Let Metatorial Services help you design and complete these steps to build the firmest foundation possible under your project so you will not be buffeted by the winds of favor and narrow interest. We have skills beyond technical expertise or any knowledge of information management processes that help you develop a clear understanding of how ready the organization is, fortify it with a thorough understanding of the people who must agree, and reinforce it with a fair but strict consensus process. With this formula, we help you get a project that is fully specified and supported.

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