CM Technology Specification and Selection Tools

After designing, specifying and building a large number of CM systems, Bob has created a comprehensive CM technology taxonomy that covers the whole range of the sub-systems and features a CMS might have.

The illustration to the left shows the three top level systems of a CMS. The taxonomy can be used for both design and specification (a physical design) or for system requirements for a procurement process. However, without a logical design, the physical specification of a system can be fundamentally flawed (see the page on logical design for more information).

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Here are a variety of resources you can use to get started understanding physical design:

  • Content Management Bible (second edition only) has extensive coverage of the subject. If you have the printed copy of the second edition of the book, you have access to all this information on line in Part V of the book.
  • The third course in the CM sequence covers physical design in detail. You can go to the site for this course and learn all about it.
  • We created an online tool to help teach and do logical design called TechTax (CM Technology Taxonomy System). Most of the content within the tool is proprietary and it is not for sale commercially (although if you have ideas, we are always interested) but you are welcome to browse the generic taxonomy that covers all systems.

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