Competitor and Peer CM Analysis Tools

Competitive analysis is a time-honored technique for understanding what your peers are doing that you should know about. Bob developed a successful methodology in his consulting practice to bring competitive analysis to the world of content management.

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In the analysis you create a set of best practice content types and templates based on an analysis of your Web site and those of your peers or competitors. With this information, you can determine what kinds of content types, taxonomies, and templates are most respected and work best for your organization. Here are a few good reasons to do this type of analysis:

  • Executives and other sponsors love the objectivity of the analysis. It shows clearly what you need to do to keep up with or exceed the competition.
  • Many organizations don't know where to begin with a content type analysis, and so they don't really do them. A competitive content type analysis gives you a place to start.
  • It solidly positions you within the world of your peers. This analysis is a great way to study in depth what everyone else is doing and to decide which peers you want to emulate and how you are different.
  • It gives you a more objective way of arguing for one approach over another.
  • Finally, it establishes a terminology of content types. After this process, you have an agreed-upon set of content types that make it easier to talk about content within your teams.

Here are some resources to help you get started doing your own competitive CM analysis:

  • Content Management Bible (second edition) covers this analysis in depth. An overview of the process as well as samples of analysis output are laid out for you. If you own the printed book, you can get into the electronic version here.
  • The analysis is also covered in the first course of CM sequence. You can go to the CMConcepts section of the course site to find all that you need. You can also go directly to these recorded lectures to get background and advice on the analysis:
  • Also within the CM courses, you can find a set of samples you can use to get started with your own analysis. You can go to the Files section of the course to find them.

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