IT Vision

Before you can chart a strategy for IT, you have to have a vision for why IT should exist and what it should do. Having pushed the discipline forward for almost 20 years, Metatorial Services can help you answer these questions in a way that is far reaching but right for your organization today.

IT groups have the perfect position to bridge between information and business goals.

No one disagrees with the idea that information is critical to the objectives of her organization. No one thinks that information is value-less or unworthy of investment. Everyone agrees that information is power. Everyone believes that we are in the information age. Everyone calls information is a "strategic asset." So, why have so few organizations been able to harness the power of information?

They don't know how.

We show you how. We engage you with a set of ideas and methods that you can use to lead information creation, management, and distribution in your organization. More importantly, we help you figure out how to turn information into a tangible asset with specific value.

Everyone should understand how information works, but at least one person should lead. An information leader tells her executive peers and managers what information has to do with the success of the organization. She has a well-formed information strategy that spells it out in easy to understand terms. Within her own group (IT, IS, ICT, or what have you) the information leader tells her managers and practitioners what sorts of systems to build to most help the organization. Without this leadership, managers and practitioners build systems that have no guarantee of actually helping the organization. Today's best managers and practitioners develop their own information strategy and up-sell it to disinterested executives. The rest of them go forward with no strategy and their projects meander like rudderless ships.

Your IT group should be balancing the wide variety of interests and constraints to design your systems.

Let Metatorial Services help you get on top of the information in your organization and ahead of information systems projects. We'll give you the concepts, models and practices you need to inspire and lead information projects. We take a practical, down to earth approach to crafting and delivering a new and more important vision for IT within your organization. We assure that you are never without a clear direction for your work or something constructive to say about information systems and projects and how they help the organization get what it wants.

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