Department Strategy

Metatorial Services helps IT and Web departments of any kind define a straight forward strategy that directly and tangibly supports the wider organizational goals. We help you figure out how to amass and distribute a well defined base of information to a well defined set of consumers.

Building from a set of validated goals, we help you see how to implement those goals using information systems. In particular, we help you understand and decide on:

  • How to divide people into audiences and relate audiences to the information they need.
  • How to divide information and prepare it for delivery to the defined audiences.
  • How to amass the information you have decided you need.
  • How to deliver information to audiences in the ways that they most want to receive it.

We help you define an information department strategy based on an organizational strategy. Then, we take you further to define a set of tactics that can most effectively implement your strategy including:

  • Producing a set of publications that deliver information to audiences through channels.
  • Defining current and future staffing and process needs to support the movement of information from creation to consumption by audiences.
  • Creating teams that span projects and oversee the implementation of key parts of your strategy.
  • Creating tools that automate difficult procedures.
  • Creating systems that orchestrate the flow of information from its source, to the audiences that consume it, to its eventual retirement.

Let Metatorial Services help you craft and deliver an enduring department strategy that delivers on wider organizational goals by spawning an ever evolving set of effective your tactics.

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