Content and Information Management Courses

Bob is fauclty member at the University of Washington Information School. He taught full time at the school for four years. During that time he developed an outstanding reputation for dynamic, highly focused and extremely practical courses in all aspects of content and information management.

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Bob has gathered hundreds of hours of live course video presentations and other course materials from a range of courses. You are welcome to view and use these materials for your own education, but if you present them to others, you must obtain prior permission from Metatorial Services. (View a sample video presentation.)

Introduction to Content Management

This is a series of three courses taught to industry professionals (from Microsoft, Boeing, and many other local organizations) as well as to graduate students in information science. The aim of the series is to help you become a "player" in the content management discipline. A player is someone who would be trusted to lead some or all of a CM initiative. The three courses cover the three main areas in which you must gain proficiency to be a player: knowledge of the concepts of CM and how to put them into practice within an organization, the ability to analyze an organization's requirements for CM and to be able to construct a general design for a CMS, and knowledge of the machinery of CM and how the parts of a CMS fit together.

Strategic Planning ( Go to course )

This is a course taught to graduate students in information management. In it, we cover:

  • How to discover and frame a strategic information initiative.
  • How to get the organization behind your initiative.
  • How to work through the information needs and available assets for the initiative.
  • How to work through the technology for the initiative.

As a management class, we keep our focus firmly on the process behind these initiatives rather than on creating actual deliverables.

Information System Design ( Go to course )

This is a course in user centered system design for undergraduate information management students. In it, we practice a set of methods that take you from a person's needs to the user interface of an information system she will value. In particular, we cover these subjects:

  • The idea of design: What it means and how you might do it.
  • People: How you understand and serve them with your system.
  • Information: How you design a structure that is understandable and useful.
  • Tasks: How to choose and model activities and interactions.
  • Systems: How to design and test the user interface.

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