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This book is my response to the questions I have been repeatedly asked. What I hear is, "This is so different I don't even know how to approach it" and "It's at a level of complexity far beyond what we have ever done before" and "This is so new that we can't find anyone with enough experience to pull it off." What I see most often is that people try to use their old methods and understanding to tackle a new problem, and it does not work. This book attempts to propose and detail a new approach that borrows heavily from older disciplines but forms a new discipline around the new needs of large-scale information creation, management, and publishing.

I created this book because I have to. For more than 10 years, I've been stuffing my head so full of the design, programming, management, and content of information systems that I have to let some out before I can learn anymore. Seriously, from the first time I matched a printed user's guide against the capabilities of Windows 3.0 Help, to the last time I sat with a dot-com client and discussed the impact of massive content management on the architecture of an e-commerce book, I have been living the transition from print to the computer screen. I've seen a ton of technologies and a slew of systems. I've learned enough to know that there is a lot to discuss and figure out. My thinking on what I have experienced has reached some sort of embryonic maturity and is ready to hatch, so here it comes!

My big points are:

  • To do e-business, you need the organization and focus that a content management system provides.
  • To be useful on the Web and beyond, information must be designed for reuse and must be packaged so that it can be located and automatically organized into targeted publications.
  • Content is the information and interactivity that organizations must harness in order to deliver value to their customers.
  • Content management systems (CMS) collect, manage, and publish this information and interactivity.
  • A CMS is not a CD-ROM that you install, start, and forget about. Rather, it is an ongoing process of knowing your information and your audiences and how to match the two together in a set of publications.

This book attempts to lay a comprehensive foundation under these concepts and create a solid methodology for the practice of content management and, by implication, e-business.

Both the first and second editions have been recognized as the leading titles of their category. Here are some characteristic reviews:

"…I suppose in the end the reason why there are so few books is that Bob Boiko said most of it in the Content Management Bible…" Information World Review June 2003
Today's Book Value of the Day is Bob Boiko's Content Management Bible. A massive volume full of solid knowledge expertly written. Many people would save hours, days, or weeks of work if only they read this book before embarking on building a content management system. Building a medium or large system well is often difficult because, unless you're a consultant, it's rare to have previous experience. Shelling out a mere $35 to learn from other's mistakes will pay for itself in one hour of saved time. Noise Between the Station
This is a patiently written book about Content Management for managerial staff and developers, alike. The reader can easily find excellent checklists, task lists, and tips in this book, that are of very practical use. One may benefit greatly from the chapter relating to selecting the hardware and software when she/he is involved in meetings with CMS providers. The roadmap that one can prepare after reading this book might be extremely useful, and a lifesaver. You should own this book if you are involved in Content Management projects. JavaRanch.Com
The content is clear and understandable. The author, Bob Boiko, provides an in-depth look at all aspects of content management along with solid practical guidelines for how to proceed. The only real problem with the book is some of the illustrations. They are often on dark backgrounds with shadowed text and they are hard to read. Otherwise, the book provides a real insight into content management. The Rockley Group

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